Follow the Northern Light

by Alpha Rabbit

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I saw a star collapse the other day Backwards fireworks to black-holed oblivion I traced the scar on your back across the state line It was a statewide emergency I checked the map, I was going the wrong way I knowingly continued anyway Honey, by the time that you read this note you’ll learn you can’t turn back the clock You can’t take it back You can’t take it with you Do you take me for a fool? I guess I am Pick up the slack Pick up the pace Can’t you look me in the eyes? Come and say that to my face I saw a star collapse the other day In the headlines I was in line at the grocery Thumbed through the photos so I could shake my head I’m always shaking my head I checked the time and I realized I was late I knowingly took my time anyway Darling, I mean it when I said, “you can’t turn back the clock” Stop looking at the wall There’s no use keeping score There’s no time to repeat I said there’s no time Stop looking back Stop pressing rewind By the time I count to three You will awaken from your sleep
Always Never 03:44
I am always never angry at the things that you have done that I have done (I'm sorry) I am always never searching for meaning in things where there’s no meaning or where it means nothing Sometimes I’m sliding down like quickstand sometimes I’m floating in the sea Sometimes the weight’s too much to carry Those days I won’t let you carry me Sometimes there’s glitter in the pavement sometimes the wind chimes through the trees sometimes I feel numb sometimes I feel just too damn young to see I am always never waiting Trying not to anticipate or think on things that have not yet come or think on things when its too late I am always never patient Trying to walk that tightrope line of inaction and of action sometimes I need to take it one toe at a time If I concentrate on breathing and let my lungs just guide me I control the wind and the rain completely But that need for control is dead weight tied to my feet I gotta quit to try I gotta quit to try If I keep quiet and keep moving Maybe the moon beams will find me Make the tides align, Make the tides align When I focus my bat signal will you come and rescue me? Those silly scenes are for the movies, Jaime If you buckle down and focus Maybe one night you’ll finally see That you’re doing fine, you’re doing just fine
Falls Apart 04:07
We get so distracted By tv screen Its bright lights and colors We live like machines We numb our perceptions Based on false beliefs Our maps are inaccurate We see one-dimensionally Where did I learn this was it always a part of me? I walked through the woods And the deer ran away from me As if I should have understood I violated their trust Centuries ago The carbon we’re made of Remains the same Our atoms keep changing But we came from stardust And back to dust we go Now the birds surf the ocean While the flood lights bathe me It’s all ones and all zeros I can never get clean The rabbits sleep with one eye open They keep watch over me They know our habits destroy us We live like machines.



released July 11, 2018

Recorded and Produced at exit7a studios in Trenton, NJ by Scott Miller and Anthony Catanese.


all rights reserved



Alpha Rabbit Trenton, New Jersey

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